Application Development

Software Applications are nothing but Business Core Functions. We take out most care to meet all the possible functionalities that helps automate the business process!!

Web Application Development

With over a 15 years of experience in building world-class B2B and B2C applications focusing on video delivery, RTC, AdTech, e-Learning, and data analytics.

Throughout these years, our dedicated web developers have delivered products to over 400 clients. Today, we use this tremendous experience to address the needs of Our Clients.


Mobile Application Development

Technology is moving faster than ever, and keeping up with business demands for application development requires programmers with experience in everything from Java and HTML5 to Swift, XCode and Android.

With SASTRA’s application development solutions, SASTRA develops software applications for any platform. A dedicated project manager guides your project to success.


Website Design

Our dedicated DESIGNING team have successfully completed over 400 projects to give elegance to the project, we can creat clean, elegant, designs to match the business requirement.

Responsiveness is a key to a website today! Websites are viewed in cross devices, each designer has expertise in responsive web design.


Technologies used

AngularJS, Twitter Boostrap, HTML5/CSS3

Node.js, JAVA, PHP, iOS SDK, Android SDK,

MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server

Manual Testing, Selenium,HTTP::Recorder, WebInject,Katalon Studio, Jmeter,
FunkLoad, Fidler, vPerformer, Charles Proxy Earlgrey

WordPress, Magento

Benefits of web application development with us

High Qualiy

Quality is the first preference for SASTRA, We have set of comprehensive coding standards which are ought to implement.


Testing is a part of development today. we test the Quality of the code, to mee the FSD and the Requirements.


SASTRA is a Client Centric organaisation. We are there 24/7 for any kind of issue you face.