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Why Learn Cloud Platforms

Are Cloud Platforms the following big things in the Job Market?

Nowadays, the job market revolves around Cloud Engineers; most Banking Sectors, Financial Sectors, eCommerce Platforms have already moved to Cloud Platforms. So 2022 is for Cloud Engineers. According to known sources, by January 2022, the biggest bank in Asia will be Hiring 220 Cloud Engineers in India.

Which Cloud Platform is Good to Learn and Why?

Choosing a Cloud Platform depends on several factors, like demands in the job market, current technologies. There is no perfect rule to choose to learn a particular cloud platform, as most Cloud Platforms solve the same problems. Let us see the key takeaways from the prominent three leaders (Azure, AWS, GCP) in Cloud Computing, and let us analyze. This article gives a point on what to learn in today’s competitive job market.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

GCP Launched in the early second Quarter of 2008. However, being an underdog for several years is slowly catching up and becoming a threat to AWS and Azure. GCP offers the most affordable pricing model and has flexible cost-control among the three cloud platforms, allowing the users to try different services and features. Google handles traffic of Around 1.17 billion people using Google Search. One of the main benefits of running applications in GCP is that users get access to the same resources and tools that handle that kind of magnitude.


  • Affordable Pricing Model
  • Live Migration Of Virtual Machines
  • Comprehensive Toolset for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Robust integration and management of Google’s technologies (Google APIs, Kubernetes)


  • Insufficient Product Range
  • Poorer Global Presence Compared To Other Cloud Platforms

Notable companies that use GCP

  • Coca-Cola
  • Snapchat
  • Ubisoft
  • HSBC

Why learn GCP?

  • According to SASTRA & WWCareer, Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect is the top paying IT Job with an average salary of USD 175,761 in the USA or Rs. 3500000 INR India. 
  • Learning GCP would be beneficial to boost up careers.
  • GCP gives easy administration and monitoring of APIs that Google supports by default.
  • Despite GCP’s limited features and products, it has pretty powerful integration with Google’s open-source technologies like Kubernetes. 
  • Kubernetes is a popular orchestration tool for maintaining containers. New applications use controlled containers in the Cloud; Operating Kubernetes with GCP will make the employee a more valuable resource than learning other cloud providers.

Microsoft Azure

Azure started around the last quarter of 2008 and has grown to the second-largest Cloud Service Provider. It has excellent support for interoperability with data centers (especially with Microsoft’s software integration), making hybrid Cloud its significant advantage.


  • Ease of integration with other Microsoft products
  • Offers a common environment to native Microsoft users
  • Hybrid Cloud


  • Expensive pricing models
  • Complex interface
  • Inadequate documentation of services

Notable companies that use Azure

  • eBay
  • Boeing
  • Samsung

Why learn Azure?

  •  Experienced users of Microsoft’s services (Windows Server, SQL Server, .NET, Dynamics Active Directory) will have more advantage of learning Azure to boost their career.
  • Candidates with existing Microsoft Certifications like MCSA: Windows Server 2016, MCSA: Office 365, MCSA: Windows 10 can thicken credentials with Azure when applying for a Cloud-related Job.
  • Azure Fundamentals and Azure Administrator Associate are included in the top 15 paying IT Jobs.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS started in 2006, was the first to offer infrastructure services through the Internet; it is the most extensively used Cloud Platform globally, having more than a decade of experience with a broad range of services tailored for various use cases. As a result, AWS is currently at the top, holding the world’s largest public cloud market share. In addition, AWS has the advantage of having the most evolved technologies in support and functionality.


  • Leading Cloud Innovator
  • Broad Global Presence
  • Mature and Feature-riched Cloud Technologies
  • Good Documentations Of Services
  • Extensive Training Materials


  • Complex Billing System

Notable Companies that use AWS

  • Netflix
  • Airbnb
  • Spotify

Why learn AWS?

  • AWS skills demand has been constant for over a decade.
  • AWS is easier to learn with no prior Cloud experience, with vast learning materials online.
Cloud Comparison AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
Pictorial Comparison of all the three Platforms for reference while learning or operating on a specific cloud platform to easily distinguish their respective service counterparts.


For a newbie with no background in Cloud Computing, SASTRA’s Make IT Easy recommend learning AWS, as it has a straightforward user interface, which is attractive for beginners. In addition, the Learner has Better exposure while studying AWS; there are many great self-learning tutorials (if thou choose to) on how to use its services. Finally, because AWS is the widely used cloud platform, we have many online AWS communities and groups to answer most questions while executing hands-on operations.

The newbie Learner would have a better chance to enter an entry-level position in a Cloud Engineering job.

If the Learner wants to gain Advanced Jobs with specializations, like Big Data and Machine Learning in the cloud, consider looking into GCP. 

While applying for a company that heavily uses Microsoft Services, then the Learner has to learn Azure.

In the Job market, AWS and Azure had the upper hand. However, GCP has been gaining high demand over the past couple of years. As the supply of GCP Candidates in the market is not meeting the demand, in 2020 and 2021, fewer people are competing for a job position, which makes a more accessible path when looking for an Experienced Job change.

Regardless, any Cloud platform, the Learner should understand that the core concepts, fundamentals, and principles are not different between cloud providers. Therefore, the Learner’s time and effort will lead to a better position, as the skills and knowledge acquired in one Platform can be applied while switching to a different cloud platform. 

Happy Learning!

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